Disassembling the technologically interwoven human is the first step to improving technologies

Our ‘being’ in the world is deeply interwoven with our material world. How we understand, what we understand, and indeed what we are is tied to 'things', and most importantly, technologies.

How can we untangle this system to see the concepts and interrelations beneath so that this clarity can help us build a better world?

This is the question DisAssemble attempts to answer.

DisAssemble will the investigate these murky areas, between the practical and the intellectual. Disassemble uses the philosophy of technology, sociology, HCI, and other fields to approach this investigation; all the stuff academics are talking about; all the stuff people have been thinking about for years, but aren't applying to our lived technological world.

There is a dearth of analysis using this philosophical angle on the web.

DisAssemble is for:



product owners








// Disassemble is written by Vikram Singh.

// I’m a UX Designer / User Researcher and writer who hangs about in London. I work with startups helping to implement human-centred product initiatives and increasingly, society-centred initiatives.


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Using philosophy and the social sciences to disassemble the technological human to improve human-technology interactions. Oh, and defining what 'better' is.


MSc in HCI * 🇨🇦 in 🇬🇧* Lead UX @lightful * Vegan for ethics 🐷🐮* Interested in external / extended cognition & systems. Opinions my own.